Bee Keeping

I have always wanted to become a Bee Keeper and have been reading, planning and thinking about it for many years.  I’m captivated by the abundance they make available to us in so many ways. So finally… this spring it’s happening, I’m going for it……. I have my bee’s on order and my hives are all primed, painted and ready to go!


Ready to prime the hive boxes

Primed boxes drying in the rare moment of Seattle sun

Next, I have to decide if I want to leave them in the old school classic white color or use another color.  Some Bee Keepers think that using a darker color on the box keeps the bee’s warmer. That makes sense to me, so I paint them a girls favorite color!

Tiffany Blue. The girl bee's do all the work, so I hope they like it!

The only problem I can foresee is that we have a few neighborhood bears in our area and they are extremely motivated by Honey!  I have to put the girls out of harm’s way, so they are going to live facing South, on top of our wood storage barn.

The bee hives are all in place away from the bears

Wish me luck, next week- end my bee’s arrive and I install the queen and her workers into these hives. Yikes, I hope this all goes well! Stay calm and carry on…..