I love making jewelry.  It all began a few years ago when my personal stars aligned and resulted in a creative surge that hasn’t stopped.  My jewelry designs come purely from my imagination; I love the freedom to create without external constraint or notion of what I “should” do as an artist.  My only aesthetic guideline is that beauty is to be found everywhere and in unexpected places.  As a designer, I enjoy challenging the notion of what is considered beautiful.

Vintage medallion with pearls

 As I work, I tap into my own unique vision of that beauty. Each piece of jewelry is hand made by me, is one of a kind, and is created with parts and pieces gathered from my constant treasure hunting; each piece has an individual character and is meant to tell a story. Estate sales, tool and hardware stores, the thrift shop, the fishing tackle store…the possibilities are endless.


 Most of my pieces come together and become “collections” based on the materials I find and become inspired by.

 I never tire of the thrill of the hunt and the “Ah-ha” creative moment when the perfect unexpected design comes together. This is only matched by the joy I feel when a piece I have made resonates and finds the person who was meant to wear it.