Not instant gratification

I’ve had several failed attempts at growing my “dream” flower garden on our farm, mainly due to the ever foraging deer. So, because I’m obsessed with flowers and can’t give up, I decided to go with the flow and plant huge swaths of Daffodils.  Everywhere. Apparently they must taste bad because the deer won’t eat them. This also goes with my over all philosophy of grow whatever wants to grow easily.  Not that I’m lazy or anything…

Drilling the holes with a bulb auger

Having a drill and a bulb auger attachment makes this go much faster.  I wish I had invented that handy little tool! (apologies for the micro tiny photos here)

Ready for all the bulbs

Now just wait…..until Spring.

Full bloom

Bambi didn’t get a single flower in this bed. I love the anticipation and entire process of planting bulbs, you have to wait so long, nearly forgetting that they are even there…..and then suddenly they bloom and remind you that the new season is here!