One step forward and five steps backwards

Not again

The bucholic romance of being a farmer is best experienced while sitting in front of a cozy fire, glass of wine in hand, READING and DREAMING about it.  The realities are more of a harsh buzz kill than most would want to deal with.  Honestly, I have to admit, most of my experience falls in the romancing category!  Self awareness is a good thing. When waxing eloquent to a real farmer about planting that huge hedge of pretty lavender or the aesthetic detail of your deer fence or raising angora goats because they are so soft and cute, expect to get a blank stare from them and a look that quite clearly tells you that they think you are mildly DAFT and just don’t understand the first think about what you are getting into!

Yes, the reality is that you quickly learn what matters and what doesn’t.  You also learn that you have to be able to constantly fix things that are breaking down or are not working properly for one reason or another.  Either that, or have gobs of money to pay for constant repairs. So on one recent day, with a limited amount of time as usual, I thought I would do the simple task of mowing about an acre of grass before it become totally unmanageable.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, if you let it go too long here the Beastly Blackberries will rule and take over the universe.

So, proving things to be as they generally are……this simple task turned into and all day repair session on the lawn tractor. (again). This, along with truck and trailer repairs all had to be done in order to even begin the actual work for the day. The good news is, as other novice  farmers or anyone living in a rural area will tell you, it pays to have good neighbors! In this case our wonderful and mechanically inclined friend next door came to the rescue and saved the day…….(again)!

Now …….what was that I was daydreaming about!