Planting Trees

When we found our little farm a few years ago, it was love at first sight; truly, deeply, madly.  One of the first things we fell in love with was the wide open meadow surrounded by evergreen trees.  In our cloudy grey climate the light and sense of open big sky was key and we found that here.  The second thing we fell hard for was the gigantic Walnut tree, majestically anchoring the farm house.


So, as we settled in, we decided to plant deciduous trees, weaving color into the landscape of evergreens.  Our idea was that if we planted trees early on, they would be with us to enjoy for years to come.

Colorful Maples now mingle with evergreens

Bernie has become known as “The Human Shovel” because of his incredible tree rescue project. He locates trees that are going to be cut down or destroyed and saves them by transplanting them onto our property. He has now transplanted at least 500 trees. This includes small seedlings and shrubs, all the way up to 20 foot tall trees. Most of them survive the digging and transplanting because of all of his efforts in getting a large root ball and watering.

You can read an article published in the Seattle Times about his tree saving efforts here

Another day planting trees, covered in mud

There is a quote that goes something like: Planting trees is a patient man’s pursuit, which is so true; it’s not at all about instant gratification. As the seasons have begun to add up on the farm, we visit these changing trees on our walk-abouts. We talk about them by name, each one has the “story” of where they came from. We talk about them, as we talk about our children; growth spurts, new branches, troubles and joy and heartbreaks caused by deer.

The Yoda tree


We love the idea of planting tree’s that will be here long after we are gone.