The Farm

The Holly Orchard

Our farm was originally a 10 acre Holly Orchard with an open meadow that was used for raising Scottish Highlander cattle.  The farming operation had been abandoned for quite some time when we came along, but the Holly Orchard still remains.  The entire perimeter of the farm was overgrown with blackberries reaching 30 feet high into the trees creating a ghostly gray appearance during the winter season. Luckily, the meadow had been maintained and remained open with local grass and no blackberries. We wish we knew more  about the history of this beautiful place. Occasionally we’re lucky enough to meet someone who has a little information and so we glean bits of the story of what came before us on the farm.

The Cottage farm house was originally built in 1925 and was a one room house. We can see this by looking at the floor framing and other construction clues. I use the work “construction” very loosely here, nothing was build very soundly and we can tell that the family that lived here must have fallen on some tough times. Then at some point, the owners added on a “wing” and it then became a two room house. These two parts are architecturally compatible and are in the simple farmhouse vernacular that we love and plan to restore.

View of the original one and two room at front of house

The third and fourth additions

At some point later on, a third room was added which gave the family a bathroom and a bit more space.  Along the way, a fourth area was built which is essentially an entry, storage room and mud room.

The really bad fifth flat roof addition

Then, in yet a completely random turn, probably in the 1960’s, a fifth room was added with a flat roof slamming into the pitched roof (yikes) and was built using timber frame construction. This addition was built almost on the dirt below, not such a good idea. All of these parts and pieces complete the amalgam of this ramshackle house that we love!

The farmhouse does have “good bones” as they say and it’s actually surprisingly livable. In the spirit of sustainability we have opted to not tear it down. That and um…lack of funds help keep us conveniently on track. Ha. We have had numerous contractors say “Well, you know you could tear it down and put in a real nice new double wide out here”.  Uh…no thanks. Instead we are slowly fixing things one by one. We dont want to put good money after bad so unfortunately, all of the unseen, not so fun parts have to be fixed first.  You can see our progress if you click on Farm Happenings!